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Empowering the Black Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) Community for Holistic Wellness and Social Equity





About Us


Our Mission

At Peace and Healing Incorporated, our mission is twofold: to empower and provide resources to BIPOC clinicians and to promote holistic health and wellness in the BIPOC community. We are committed to uplifting and addressing the unique needs of these communities, focusing on the comprehensive well-being that encompasses physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual, environmental, occupational, and intellectual aspects. Our approach is rooted in inclusivity and cultural sensitivity, aiming to dismantle systemic barriers and ensure equitable access to health and wellness resources. Our mission is to create a safe and empowering environment where the BIPOC community can thrive, not just survive. We strive to honor the unique experiences and needs of the BIPOC community by focusing on community, clinicians, and cultural awareness.


Our Impact

Peace and Healing Incorporated has significantly improved healthcare access and overall well-being in the BIPOC community. Our initiatives in cultural celebration and preservation have strengthened community bonds and fostered broader cultural understanding. Through collaborative partnerships, we've extended our reach and impact, solidifying our commitment to creating a society where everyone can thrive in health, equity, and peace.

Our Core Values


At Peace and Healing Incorporated, equity is paramount. We actively work to dismantle systemic disparities, ensuring that fairness and justice aren't just ideals, but realities for BIPOC individuals. Our initiatives are designed to create equal opportunities, allowing every member of the community to access the resources and support they need to thrive.


Empowerment lies at the core of our mission. We are dedicated to fostering self-determination and leadership within the BIPOC community. Our programs and activities are tailored to enable individuals to take control of their futures, fostering a sense of agency and resilience that drives community growth and individual success.


Inclusivity is not just a value; it's a practice we embed in every aspect of our work. We strive to create an environment where every member of the BIPOC community feels welcomed, respected, and represented. Recognizing and valuing diverse backgrounds and identities, we ensure that our programs and initiatives are accessible and relevant to all.

"Empowering communities, embracing diversity, and advocating for equity – at Peace and Healing Incorporated, we believe in the strength of unity and the power of change. Together, we can build a world where every individual thrives in an environment enriched with understanding, respect, and holistic wellness."

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Our Programs


Community Wellness Initiative

The Community Wellness Initiative focuses on promoting holistic wellness within the BIPOC community. This program offers a range of services including health screenings, mental health counseling, nutrition workshops, and fitness activities, all tailored to meet the specific needs of the community. Additionally, it provides resources and education on maintaining a balanced lifestyle, encompassing both physical, spiritual, social, financial and overall mental well-being.


Empowering BIPOC Clinicians Series

Empowering BIPOC Clinicians Series is designed to cultivate leadership skills and self-empowerment among BIPOC clinicians. Through workshops, mentorship programs, scholarships, free supervision, educational resources for growth, and networking events, participants are encouraged to develop their personal and professional skills. This program also focuses on building community leaders who can advocate for change and represent the interests of their communities.


Cultural Heritage Celebration

This program is dedicated to preserving and celebrating the diverse cultural heritage of the BIPOC community. It includes cultural festivals, travel, and educational seminars that showcase the rich traditions and contributions of different ethnic groups. The program also aims to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity within the broader community.

Get Involved

Empowering Health and Wellness: Your contributions help fund our Community Wellness Initiative, providing essential health resources and services to those in need within the BIPOC community.

Our Team


Demitra Chandler, co-founder of Peace and Healing Incorporated is a visionary leader and the driving force behind the inception of Peace and Healing Incorporated. With a background in social work and community advocacy, Demitra has always been deeply committed to addressing the systemic challenges faced by the BIPOC community. Her passion for social justice and holistic well-being has been pivotal in shaping the organization's mission and strategic direction. Her leadership and unwavering commitment to empowering marginalized communities have been instrumental in the success and impact of the organization.

"Empowerment starts with understanding and addressing the unique challenges of our community. At Peace and Healing Incorporated, we're committed to making a lasting difference."


Krystal Thompson, co-founder of Peace and Healing Incorporated, brings a wealth of experience in community engagement and program development. With her expertise in non-profit management and her deep-rooted commitment to cultural sensitivity and inclusivity, Krystal has been a cornerstone in the development of the organization's key programs and initiatives. Her innovative approaches to community empowerment and her dedication to creating sustainable, impactful change have been crucial to the organization's growth and reach.

"In unity, there is strength. Our work is dedicated to uniting and uplifting communities through respect, understanding, and shared goals."


Deshia Holmes serves as the dynamic President of Peace and Healing Incorporated, bringing a fresh perspective and strategic leadership to the organization. Her extensive experience in policy advocacy and her strong commitment to equity and social justice have been vital in driving the organization forward. Deshia's leadership is characterized by her ability to forge meaningful partnerships and her innovative strategies to enhance the organization's impact on the BIPOC community.

"Leadership is about making tangible impacts and inspiring change. At Peace and Healing, we're not just dreaming of a better future; we're creating it."

Vice President

Jaclyn Boykin is a Licensed Professional Counselor with several years of experience within the military and BIPOC communities. As an advocate, Jaclyn desires to see growth, support, and understanding for the undeserved; which she has achieved through building relationships and identifying common interests. Jaclyn's love of various cultures supports her efforts to reach individuals across all ages.


Elena Acosta is the board secretary. Professionally, Elena has had experience developing and presenting cases to the community resource representatives to advocate for the BIPOC community. She then managed the implementation and the progress of resources and services obtained. As a Latina American woman,

Elena’s specialty was working with the Latino community in child welfare and in-home family support.

As an advocate, Elena’s experience working with the BIPOC community she hopes to continue her efforts of placing an emphasis on individuals strengths to promote self sufficiency and link individuals to vital resources which can empower them to embrace their true authentic selves.


As the Treasurer, Victoria Talley is a certified public accountant (CPA) and Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) with many years of experience working in various industries, including military distribution, education, legal and not-for-profit. As an MS warrior, or someone who lives with multiple sclerosis, she is passionate about helping to empower others to be the best versions of themselves in every way possible, especially on days when it is not easy.

In what you do, aim for peace and healing of the mind, body and spirit. "Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."

UPCOMING EVENT - May 11th, 2024


Free In Person Informational Event


Peace & Healing Inc., host an array of events to help stimulate growth and wellness in the community. We host an array of events to ensure mental health and holistic wellness is at the forefront of productivity.

Key Details:

  • Date: May 11th, 2024

  • Time: 11:00am-1:00pm EST

  • Platform: In person: 1801 POTOMAC SHORES PKWY DUMFRIES, VA 22026

  • Cost: Free

Topics We Cover:

  • Come out to be educated and informed about Virginia’s officials, Register to vote, Learn about deadlines, election process, polls, and resources

Who Should Attend:

  • All ages are welcome

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary focus of Peace and Healing Incorporated?

Peace and Healing Incorporated is dedicated to empowering and promoting holistic health and wellness within the BIPOC community. Our primary focus includes addressing unique health needs, dismantling systemic barriers, advocating for equitable access to resources, and fostering an environment of inclusivity and cultural sensitivity.

How can I get involved or support Peace and Healing Incorporated?

There are several ways to support our mission. You can get involved by volunteering in our programs, donating to our cause, participating in our advocacy campaigns, or attending our events and workshops. Every form of support, whether time, resources, or expertise, significantly contributes to our mission.

Are there any specific programs for youth in the BIPOC community?

Yes, we have programs specifically tailored for the youth, including leadership development series, educational workshops, and cultural engagement activities. These programs are designed to empower young individuals in the BIPOC community by providing them with tools, resources, and platforms to voice their concerns and contribute positively to their communities.

How does Peace and Healing Incorporated ensure the effectiveness of its programs?

We continually monitor and evaluate our programs to ensure they meet the community's needs effectively. This includes gathering feedback from program participants, conducting impact assessments, and collaborating with experts to refine and improve our initiatives. Transparency and accountability are key components of our operational ethos.

Can businesses or organizations collaborate with Peace and Healing Incorporated?

Absolutely. We welcome partnerships with businesses and organizations that align with our mission. Collaborative efforts can include sponsorships, joint programs, resource sharing, or advocacy initiatives. We believe in the power of collective action to create sustainable change in the communities we serve.